UNHEARD: Mushroom + Adam Neutron & Eugene Leung Live Performance

A night of experimental and improv music with Mushroom & Eugene Leung and Adam Neutron.

Mushroom: Toadstools, Clouds, Echoes, Dreams

This concert will be an exploratory adventure into sound, combining organic instruments such as didgeridoo and bamboo flutes and percussion with synthesizers and electronics, as well as visual effects. The experience will expand your mind but also be fun, we hope. Prepare for evocative weirdness.

Mushroom is a musical group based on spontaneity and close listening, combining the organic and the electronic, this and other worlds. Mushroom refers both to organic and electronic parallel orders of things, and also to the effect of the music we play on listeners.
Mushroom consists of Michael Chan, guitar effects; Gordon Mathews, wind midi, flutes, midi; Alex Gearin, didgeridoo, percussion; Hung Ling Chi Travis, didgeridoo, voice, percussion; and Dion Leung, visual effects

Eugene Leung + Adam Neutron

This performance will feature a free improvisation duet on two ouds by Eugene Leung and Adam Neutron, bridging the gap between traditional and experimental.

The oud is fretless lute popular across West Asia and North Africa. A parent to the European lute, its enjoys a popularity similar to the guitar in the West, used in a range of classical and folk music among Arabs, Turks, Iranians and other nations of the region.


Performance Times:

8:30 - 9:00 : Eugene Leung + Adam Neutron

9:15- end : Mushroom: Toadstools, Clouds, Echoes, Dreams