PRIDE: Annemarie Schwarzenbach Photo Exhibition

Annemarie Schwarzenbach died in 1942 at the age of 34. Despite her untimely death, she continues to captivate queer people around the world. As early as 20 years old, she confessed her love for women and wrote one of Europe's first books on lesbian love. Her androgynous beauty and being openly lesbian made her a queer icon of her time in Europe. Working as a freelance journalist and anti-fascist activist, she moved to Berlin and formed contacts with celebrities such as Erika and Klaus Mann.

Schwarzenbach was born in Zurich in 1908 into a wealthy family. She had a difficult relationship with her mother, who also had romantic relationships with women. From 1933, she began to write travel reports about Africa, the Near East, the Middle East and the United States, and successively wrote novels and took a large number of photography works. She also made a firm plan to travel to China, but a serious bicycle accident led to her premature death in 1942. After the end of World War II, she was rediscovered in the 1980s. Today, her literary and photographic work has received worldwide recognition and acclaim. The exhibition walls in the Foodhall of Eaton HK showcase Schwarzenbach's photography, especially the gay community she photographed during her travels in the Swiss mountains, France, the United States and the Middle East, as well as Schwarzenbach's female partners.