MÖTH/ presents: A Comprehensive Introduction to DJing: Kick-staring Your DJ Career ft. GargoyleGirlfriend

Presented by MÖTH/ agency, this is a completely free of charge MONTHLY event to train a new wave of DJs. The workshops are completely beginner friendly, but our special guest will guide intermediate and advanced DJs on their special techniques mixing their favourite genres. So, whoever you are, this workshop will enhance your appreciation of DJ-ing, and is guaranteed to teach you all you need to know to start you DJ-ing career! (Tried and tested).

Language: English
Capacity: 15 max - first come first serve
Reservation charge: HKD200 
Instructors: GargoyleGirlfriend @gargoylegirlfriend, KATAGYAL @yenisounds, AHURA MAZDA @ahuramazdathe