Almond Milk Album Release show w/ cehryl & LETHIONS (Live)

Hong Kong’s favourite vegan band will be playing their debut album live at Terrible Baby, sharing the night with Cehryl and Leathions.



Almond Milk is the musical brainchild of Ollie, Matt and Ollie. The three of them met in high school in Hong Kong but ended up separated across the world for 10 years with occasional jams in between. In their younger years they went by the name ‘Chocolate Milk.’ After a brief stint in NYC together, the trio solidified their sound and decided to rebrand as ‘Almond Milk.’ The band draws inspiration from a wide range of musical influences, including The Velvet Underground and Gorillaz, but their sound is truly their own.

Basked in the sunny skies of Hong Kong, they poured everything they were inspired by and all that they’ve learnt during the decade apart to record their self-titled debut album ‘Almond Milk.’



Cehryl’s sound fuses genres of jazz, R&B and folk-pop. The stories in her lyrics explore the complexity of human emotion and create a dreamy, meditative listening experience, expressing her ever-evolving sonic palette.



Leathions are an indie lo-fi band hailing from Hong Kong. As the latest band to join the ISRP Records collective with just two dreamy demos on Soundcloud, the group are gradually making moves to introduce their melancholy tunes to the scene.