Zenscape: Yin Yoga and Sound Healing

Journey inward as Mitanni guides you through trauma - informed breathwork, mindfulness and movement.


Prepare to open the gateway to the heart through a yin -yoga sequence focused on a gentle yet, deep release in the spine and hips. If you’re looking for a way to significantly reduce anxiety in your mind and body as well as experience better rest, this evening class is for you. Hold yourself accountable, you deserve it.


About Mitanni:

Mitanni (Nikyia) Hughley is a native Angeleno and transplant Washingtonian (DC) with a profound love for the arts and their healing abilities. As a teenager, Mitanni found purpose in mentorship centered around wellbeing and furthered her education, receiving a Bachelor's in Health Science from Howard University and a Master of Art in Teaching. After spending five years teaching and mentoring in a school setting, Mitanni decided to lean deeper into her artistic expression and transition out of the classroom, where she found a deeper capacity for her own self-healing journey. Presently, as a multi-disciplinary healing artist, she holds therapeutic community gatherings through yoga and creative holistic instruction. She only hopes to continue building a mentally healthy community with whomever and wherever she can.