The Rest Sessions: Chill Yoga for Embodied Black History

An embodied yoga series to honor the luminaries who’ve contributed to collective care and liberation, in honor of Black History Month.


Join the calm/cool collective in celebrating Black History Month with a yoga series honoring changemakers who’ve contributed to our collective liberation. Integrating various yoga styles, meditation and community connection, each class will be an embodied remembrance of the spirit and wisdom of specific Black luminaries in history.


Feb. 4th | Rooted in Rest: Restorative Yoga for Ancestral Healing 

Guided by Shakeelah Sutton, this session creates space to mend our collective ancestral legacies of hard work and self-sacrifice through the healing power of rest. We’ll build a collective altar in remembrance of our ancestors most in need of rest, followed by an offering of respite with a nurturing restorative yoga session. Combining long, gentle holds and metta meditation, this class invites deep relaxation in the body, mind and spirit.


Feb. 11th | Our Foundational Practice: Yin Yoga for Self-Love

Guided by Catherine Miller, and inspired by lessons from bell hooks, this session invites us to turn within, focusing on cultivating a deeper practice of self-love. Through a combination of nourishing heart openers, backbends, breathwork, and Yin poses designed to help us release fears, anger, and ego, we will lead with the heart to bring about renewal in our spirits in a supportive, communal space.   


Feb. 18th | Soul Embodied: Slow Flow Yoga for Self-Reclamation

Guided by Bria Hamlet, and inspired by the teachings of Audre Lorde, this session creates space for us to move instinctively and intuitively. We’ll get curious and suspend judgment about our bodies’ responses to breathwork, hip openers, and slow Vinyasa flows. This practice is designed to liberate the body and steady the mind, allowing our most authentic selves to rise.


Attendees can expect to leave each class feeling replenished with a renewed reconnection to self, community, and our individual and collective ancestral lines.


*Please note: Our mission is to create access to holistic wellness for historically underrepresented communities. While we will never deny anyone access to our gatherings, this series creates space for those who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color).

About the calm/cool collective: the calm/cool collective is a wellness community that creates space for BIPOC experiencing stress to explore holistic wellness practices that strengthen self-awareness, connectivity, and the ability to feel at ease in any given moment. Learn more at or follow us on Instagram @calmcoolco.