The Cosmic Slop Experience: Installation + Lounge @ Eaton House

Cosmic Slop is the fifth studio album by Funkadelic, released in 1973 on Westbound Records. It is also the first Funkadelic album to feature artwork and liner notes by Pedro Bell, who assumed responsibility for the band's gatefold album covers and liner notes.

Starting in 2023 and continuing into 2024, Eaton House is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Cosmic Slop. To embrace the emotional, dark yet hyper sexualized funk-fusion piece of work, we're bringing you The Cosmic Slop Experience.

Visit Eaton House to have a drink and explore the unique twists of instruments and metaphorical lyrics alongside the wild and disturbing imagery and artwork all fueled by the high energy, creative band called funkadelic lead by the pioneer of funk George Clinton. Cash bar throughout the experience.