Trauma-Informed Gentle Yoga

A restorative yoga practice for collective healing

This class offers trauma-informed approaches for an alignment-based, gentle Vinyasa (flow) suitable for all levels. Here, we experiment with yoga as a way to reclaim self-empowerment, joy, and connection while moving the harmful energy stuck within our nervous systems as a result of experiencing trauma either directly through personal life events, or indirectly as a result of navigating society as a person who experiences marginalization. Trauma Sensitive Gentle Yoga is especially good for those who identify as BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA+ and are seeking a safe and inclusive community to practice yoga and participate in collective healing. This class recognizes the beauty of intersectionality and encourages admiration for the multiplicity of our identities as a form of healing.


About Ryan

A former Special Education teacher of seven years and creator of TheHumblePractice, Ryan Warwick provides Energetic Wellness services and promotes ritual work in effort to assist others in authentically caring for self as a means of cultural transformation. She holds safe and sacred spaces for BIPOC communities and is passionate about utilizing spiritual philosophies, meditation, Reiki, trauma-sensitive practices, and chakra healing in effort to serve individuals in private settings as well as the collective through space holding and activism work. Ryan is deeply committed to shifting existing cultural norms through the promotion of integrating socio-political consciousness with psycho-spiritual and Energetic wellness education.