Soul Sundays: A Spiritual Wellness Series

Discussing ways to use practical tools and the ancient wisdom of indigenous traditions to invite alignment and harmony into our lives.


Join us for Soul Sundays - an opportunity to gather in community and remind one another the importance of tending to our souls and spiritual well-being.

  • October 29: Ancestor Altar Building Workshop
  • November 5: Getting to the Root: Building a Strong Spiritual Foundation
  • November 12: You are the Altar: Connecting With Your Soul + Developing Your Intuition
  • November 19: Being Altar(ed): Honoring Your Ancestors
  • November 26: Connecting to the Divine Feminine With(in) You
  • December 3: Connecting to the Divine Masculine With(in) You
  • December 10: Maintaining Balanced Character and Tips for Navigating Your Spiritual Journey



About Denise:

As a former high school math teacher with 20 years of classroom experience, Denise discovered that what she enjoyed most about teaching Algebra is being able to support and walk alongside others through a process of self-discovery and "problem" solving. Denise founded Akoma Wellness, where she serves as a personal & spiritual development coach, rites of passage facilitator and wellness guide to those who seek to reclaim the "missing" variables in their lives and are ready to undergo a process of rebirth and transformation.

Denise has received certifications and training in Yoga (RYT 200), Life Coaching, Reiki, Tarot Advising, Human Design, Meditation and Mindfulness, Sound Healing, Trauma-Conscious Care, EFT (Tapping), Herbalism, and the AromaTouch Technique. She received a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education and Minor in Africana Studies from North Carolina State University and a Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction (Minority & Urban Education specialization) from The University of Maryland. In September 2019, she was initiated as a Priestess of Yemaya in the Lucumi (Orisha) tradition in Havana, Cuba and received the name, Yemaya Adédoja.

Her intention is to create and hold sacred spaces that support individuals with re-membering who they are and embodying the power that comes with being connected to the heart. Her prayer is that we live lives where we can be whole. be love. be free.