Screening and Q&A: From 1960s DIY Garage Scene to 1980s DIY Punk Scene @ Cinema

The Eaton Workshop DC, will host this screening/Q&A celebrating DC's legendary 1960s garage days, from the perspective of DC's punk/hardcore movement. These two movements stand as inspiring models for DIY approaches to art and activism.

A screening of “Punk the Capital” (the road from 70s rock to 80s punk), and the short film “Scream Meets the Hangmen” (connecting DC’s garage and punk scenes), will be followed by a discussion with Bob Berberich of The Hangmen, Punk the Capital co-director James June Schneider and other members of the PTC team TBD.

A free newsprint poster from Punk the Capital for all attendees!

The Hangmen were locally beloved and became pioneers of the garage sound. They also were infamous for the chaos that they wrought at their shows. We'll be discussing the vibrant 1960s DC DIY garage rock scene in DC and how it came to feed in to the world changing DC punk scene.

Ticketing fees absorbed in ticket price (except for tax)