Yogalates combines the mindfulness of yoga with the emphasis of core strength from Pilates to provide an efficient and fun practice.

Yogalates is a feel good, low impact workout that combines the mindfulness of yoga with the emphasis of core strength from Pilates. This class starts slowly with an emphasis on breath work and body awareness. Then gradually the pace picks up with rhythmic-based movements to improve your posture, core strength and stability. At the close of class, you will be guided through 15-minutes of journaling prompts that offer time for reflection and connection. This empowering weekly practice will help you to connect deeper with yourself both on and off the mat. Yogalates is the first of its kind in the DC area and perfect for anyone hoping to move better, gain strength and start to glow from the outside in.

*Please bring a journal with you *

About Kaya: Born in Jersey and a lifelong active girlie, Kaya began her yoga practice in 2015. After attending a couple of classes, she quickly realized that yoga was so much more than a physical practice, it also provided her the space to release, let go, and connect deeper to herself. Once she completed her teacher training she began leading and supporting various communities across the U.S. to spread the power of yoga both on and off the mat. Over the years, she’s continued to expand her knowledge getting certified in multiple modalities and attending numerous health and wellness workshops to expand her knowledge. She’s connected with 1000’s of students to create spaces for people to feel empowered and connected with themselves. Her mission is to guide each of her students, specifically Black women, to glow and grow from the inside out.

IG: @kayasymoneee