OOHM (Our Own Healing Magic) is an intentional offering that guides and empowers you to use your innner resources to be your own hero and healer. In order to use these powers, you must first understand the unique energy you manifested in this lifetime with and where you are now. Creativity, Tarot and Astrology can be invaluable tools and spiritual maps as you get to know the magic of your true self and alchemize your life experiences into energetic gold. Join us on this day as we provide a space for creativity and connection!


Your Hosts:

Mika Relli is an artist, alchemist and intuitive reader. Their latest work, “Blume + Shyne” is on view at Eaton House and their latest spiritual offering is the OOHM Tarot Deck. As a reader, Mika will guide you through what is happening within you on a subconscious level and help soothe any aniexty that comes with navigating your unique journey.

OOHM Offering:

Tarot + Oracle Readings $55, Tarot Deck $65 (purchase a deck and receive a complimentary reading)


Earthmamass aka Kiara is the creator of @earthmamass, a community for people starting their spiritual journeys. She has a unique approach to teaching astrology, using songs, TV shows, and food. Kiara believes that spirituality is all around us. At American University, she took an interest in Ayurvedic medicine. Studying yoga and natural healing remedies, she knows what it means to heal from the inside out.

OOHM Offering:

  • Tropical Birth Chart
  • Real Friends: compatibility between you + your S.O.
  • Views from the 6th: how do you channel spiritual messages?
  • Moon Mama: how can you heal through your moon sign?
  • Brown Sugar: it’s not me, it’s you — a reading on the energy you naturally attract
  • Big Scorpio Energy: it’s time to let go — what energy lies dormant in your 8th house?


$70 (must have exact birth info + time)


Meet The Artists:

Spirit Candy combines metaphysics and art to create beautiful energy-healing tools known as orgonite pyramids. Her pyramids are designed to assist in negative energy clearing and transmutation, creating space for powerful spiritual connections during meditation, prayer, rest, and the manifestation process. She aesthetically combines colors with healing crystals, resin, metals, and other organic materials to promote positive vibrations in living spaces. Spirit Candy began designing orgonite pyramids in 2010 and has designed over one hundred pyramids and pieces for individuals in the US and abroad.

Felipe Major aka Major The Artist is a multi-disciplinary artist whose preferred tools are his vivid imagination and boundless creativity to express himself. Whether it’s pencil, paint or a camera or canvas, cardboard or wood, Felipe’s expression will certainly leave a soul impression.


Special Guests:

Secret Cacao Garden

A wellness collective and cacao company founded by Christina Kim, cacao artisan and alchemist, seed to bar chocolate maker, consultant, teacher, nurse, wellness practitioner, and storyteller. The collective is rooted in intentional living and consciousness through ethically sourced direct trade single origin cacao and supporting the cacao producers and land.

DJ Tatiana Raquel, a member of “Close Friends DC” a collective that fosters great energy for beautiful people in Washington D.C. in the name of good music, authentic love, and peace.