Health - + : a Bio-Therapeutic Soundbath by IMKA

Translating biodata from plants into musical notes for a live audio automation performance, IMKA creates a calming & meditative experience.


In today's fast-paced world, deep listening, or fully immersing oneself in sound, is often overlooked. This practice involves actively engaging with sensory information and paying attention to its emotional and psychological impact.


Imka’s work focuses on creating immersive experiences that encourage deep listening through plant-based compositions. Using original instrumentation by way of sampling and composing live in real-time with scientific data of plants and synthesizers, Imka creates an organic, naturally informed soundscape for others to hear.


His approach of using plants as instruments demonstrates a deep respect for the natural world and fosters a profound connection with it. Through this experience of HEALTH- + shows the importance of slowing down and truly experiencing the world, while building a musical bridge between nature and people.


So please come and immerse yourself in a Bio-Therapeutic Sound bath with Imka. He’ll be transporting you through lush forests, arid deserts, and underwater realms, guided by the plants bio-fields.


Feel free to bring your own houseplant to discover their “voices” with IMKA. Ticket prices include the one hour live event's recording.