Eaton House Presents Art + Soul Session w/ Mika Relli: The Depths of Neptune

Dive into the mystical depths of Neptune as we explore the intersection of art and soul. Prepare to be enchanted by a diverse range of artistic expressions, including mesmerizing mixed media and energy healing pieces by artists, Isaiah Asun and Spirit Candy. There will be thought-provoking storytelling with a screening of "WE EVERYWHERE", a short documentary based on the photo book and travels of Mika Relli. A photo exhibition of the works will also be on view. Tarot readings will be avaible throughout the event for $55 (if you pre-order the OOHM Tarot deck $75, you will receive a complimentary reading) for more information email

AN ART + SOUL SESSION: THE DEPTHS OF NEPTUNE is part of a recurring program series created by Mika Relli and presented by Eaton House.