Eaton House Listening Sessions: Ruqqiyah w/ Kendall !. + Black Moses

Presented as part of the Eaton House Listening Session Series


Come share in the experience of the much anticipated, live debut of Osmosis.


By way of many places, D.C based singer-songwriter, Ruqqiyah aims to explore the art of living and loving for loves sake, through song and storytelling. Although her influences stem from many places, folk, blues, and jazz are at the core of what she draws from. She aims to deconstruct and remold these inspirations in something tangible yet boundless. Something that fits her skin. She makes music for anyone willing to listen.

Kendall !

Kendall Emphasis is a multimedia artist, performer, and cultural worker who believes in soulful storytelling. Right now, they sing in soliloquy, just them and their guitar, just trying to reach as many hearts as they can, near and far. They consider their current work to be mostly neo-soul for now, but they one day hope to exist in a genre of their own.