BORN Hip Hop Harp Soundbath

Guided Meditation. Crystal Bowl Soundbath. Harp. Spoken Word.

Drop by Eaton Wellness on November 11th, for a sound healing performance at the intersection of hip hop and meditation, join a live harpist and the lyricist BORN at Eaton Wellness.

Join us for an opportunity to practice self kindness and self compassion by immersing yourself in a guided meditation and soundbath experience with meditation teacher and musician Ofosu Jones-Quartey (Born I) and renowned harpist Kim Sator. No prior experience necessary. You Are Enough.


About Kim Sator

Harpist Kim Sator is a lifelong contributor to the DC Metropolitan Area’s artist community. This native Washingtonian got her musical foundation in the DCPS and DC Youth Orchestra Program. A graduate of Howard University School of Fine Arts, her artistry transcends the confines of genre weaving her musical ideas into jazz, gospel, alt-rock, and contemporary music. Solo or with an ensemble, she finds joy in creating.

About Born I

Ofosu Jones-Quartey is a meditation teacher, hip-hop artist and author from the Washington DC area. Performing under the name Born I, his music and meditation experiences are a fusion of guided meditation, soundbath and lyricism. He has offered them globally from Plum Village, France to the Kennedy Center. Ofosu is a teacher with the Insight Meditation Community of Washington (IMCW) and Spirit Rock and regularly leads retreats around the country.