Booty + Brunch with Jovan Jackson @ Eaton Wellness

Come to buss down in this energizing dance workout with Jovan Jackson, one of DMV's top trainers – stay for brunch with the whole gang!


Booty & Brunch, brought to you by PR Fitness Camp in collaboration with Eaton Wellness, will be bringing people from different walks of life inside Eaton DC to enjoy the universal language of dancing. This workshop will feature Jovan's favorite hip hop and trap music and guide you thru a dance sequence workout, targeting muscle groups in the legs and booty.

After a great workout, we will enjoy a fabulous catered brunch* – hence the name Booty & Brunch! Our menu will include unlimited mimosas as well as:

  • Blackened Shrimp & Grits | Crab Cake Minis | Bacon | Turkey Bacon
  • Fruit | Waffles | French Toast | Scrambled Eggs| Wings | Veggie Rice

* Vegan options provided.


About Jovan:

My fitness journey started when I was very young, about 7 years old. Whenever I would get in trouble in school for talking or passing notes, my mother would have to discipline me. But instead of putting me in time out, she would make me do push ups, sit ups, and run around the neighborhood. And I got in trouble A LOT. Little did she know, she had just created a Fitness Warrior. Growing up, I played almost every sport you could think of, which kept me in excellent shape. Now I'm the proud owner of PR FITNESS CAMP.

The path for me becoming a fitness trainer and motivator was a clear and easy choice. I enrolled in school and I became certified in Sports Medicine and Personal Training through NASM. I then took on the roll of becoming an entrepreneur by building my own studio with my bare hands from the ground up. Now 3 years later, that boy from Landover, Maryland is in high demand for 1:1 personal training and group classes. My workouts are modified for all fitness levels, and I teach a wide variety of high intensity classes for burning calories, toning fat, building cardio endurance, and strengthening the heart.