Art + Soul Session: Chakra Khon

Join us July 13-14th for a weekend of wellness and creativity as we celebrate the seven energetic centers of our bodies.



We'll gather at Eaton House Sunday afternoon as we celebrate the seven chakras with a collective fashion experiment.


Attire Guide: All guests are asked to attend this event dressed in the chakra color they resonate with the most. During the event we will see which colors are most dominant (this will determine which energy centers are strongly active as a collective) and which colors are the least present (these are the chakras the collective we’re being guided to clear and activate).


There will be an art exhibition and conversation with featured artists Mika Relli, Carter Wynne , Sydney Buffalow, Ayanah George and Brittany Mona.


Special Guest Speaker: Eaton Wellness Manger, Denise Fairley, discussing the transformation journeys that take place in each of the seven inner(gy) portals and ways to bring more alignment and harmony into your life.


We’ll also have vendors for your metaphysical needs and style tastes with Spirit Candy and Mira Estell!


Sweet Tea will facilitate the vibes with a curated playlist.


There will be a free champagne toast (FCFS) and for the sober and sober curious folks, elevated alcohol-free sips will be available.