Art Exhibition: “Bria Edwards:More Time In A Day”

In Bria Edwards’ first solo exhibition, “More Time In A Day”, Black leisure is the subject of exploration and reflection. Through portraiture and abstraction, Edwards challenges the viewers’ perceptions about leisure time and who has historically been able to fully partake in it.

Each story on canvas communicates the informal nature of those portrayed and their unbothered spirit, while interrogating race, class and gender. The use of rich textures and a vibrant palette create each painting– immersive and palpable works that visually engulf the viewer.

The unapologetically bold and assertive compositions allow a view into the lives of Edward’s subjects; comfortable in their own skin, delighting in spending time how they choose. Each composition aims to defy the stereotypically restrictive, reductive, and monolithic narrative of Black life. Edwards’ subjects delight in the simplicity of just being; seeking relaxation however they desire. Bria Edwards:

More Time In A Day will be presented at the Eaton Workshop D.C. and is free and open to the public from October 20- January 15, 2024. It is curated by Lauren Davidson, Founder and Principle of Museum Nectar Art Consultancy.