This Is My Home


Dir. Gaby Magallanes

Produced by Eaton Workshop

The following is a transcribed introduction by Gaby Magallanes from the ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE film festival screening.

I'm proud to introduce "This Is My Home", a short film that mediates on land in its development and how we come to find a home somewhere in between. It started off as a walk to the swamps with Holok through his, through his Homeland. Nan Sang Wai, the ecologically significant wetlands of the new territories of Hong Kong.

Of course, I was stunned by the beauty and of all the developing buildings, but I was left with a very important lesson to appreciate the beauty and everything that exists around us without trying to have so much control. So I hope you enjoy the film and please stay for the panels.

Organizer Holok Chen revisits his homeland in the ecologically significant wetlands of Nam Sang Wai, in the New Territories of Hong Kong—a region that is a point of contention between developers and conservationists. This short film is a meditation on land and its development, and how we come to find a home somewhere in between.



Born in Mexico and raised in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, Gaby Magallanes has found a home in the creative shores of southern California.

Her spirit of lifelong curiosity started with penning fictional stories, musical compositions, and eventually led to her love for film, the camera, and editing. Her fervent commitment to understanding the human condition has led her to solo backpacking trips through South America and Vietnam, all with camera in hand. These voyages, which also doubled as spiritual homecomings, produced video projects and short films as antidotes to the apathetic malaise of our technological age. Regardless of medium, location and time, she hopes to render how relationships and community humanize and revolutionize the lived experienced we call life.

Gaby graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in Film Studies and a minor in German. She currently serves as an Associate Producer for Eaton Workshop, bringing together the disparate, logistical, and creative to actuate narratives of self-determination, racial and global camaraderie, and environmental justice.


05 Dec 2020


05 Dec 2020